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What is NU Dependency Status?

Note: This information applies only to applicants who have been admitted to the MD program at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine. Applicants who have been admitted to the JD program at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law can find more information about NU Dependency status here. This information also does not determine federal dependency status for SPS undergraduates. See SPS Federal Dependency Status for information pertaining to those students.

If you would like to be considered for institutional need-based grant funds, your financial aid application process will vary, depending on whether you are considered NU Dependent or NU Independent.  NU Dependency Status is separate from federal dependency status, and will not effect your eligibility for federal financial aid. Additionally, if your parent(s) provide data on the Incoming MD University Aid Application, you will automatically be considered NU Dependent for the purposes of institutional need-based grant funds.

Criterion for NU Independent status

If you do not satisfy the above requirement, you are NU Dependent for the purposes of institutional need-based grant funds. Note: Your dependency status does not change once you matriculate at the Feinberg School of Medicine, nor does it change if you get married or because your parents are unable or unwilling to provide the contribution we calculate.

Contact a financial aid advisor if you have questions about your dependency status.

Application procedures

Entering NU Dependent students

When completing your financial aid application materials, you must:

If you are classified as NU Dependent and your parents refuse to provide their financial information, you will not be eligible for institutional need-based grants.

Entering NU Independent students

To apply for independent status, you must:

The Committee on Financial Aid to Students will review this information and notify you of your status.

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